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coming NOVEMBER 29, 2024 - pre-order now!

Black Friday - Book 3D.png

The mall doors are locked and there’s only one way out… over a pile of dead bodies.

Logan Talbot is desperate to help an ailing buddy. So when a stranger invites the retired Marine to a Black Friday scavenger hunt with lucrative prizes, he assumes crazed coupon clippers will be his biggest hurdle. But after the players are imprisoned in the shuttered mall with snipers on each exit, he falls back on his battlefield instincts when they’re told if they don’t fight to the last survivor…the building will explode.

With the million-dollar prize driving the other contestants to a blood-fueled frenzy, Talbot fears backstabbing alliances and fatal betrayals may claim his final breath. But as chaos rises along with the stakes, any attempt to outwit the deadly rules will have them all blown to grisly pieces.

Can any of these ordinary shoppers survive a gladiatorial bloodbath?

Black Friday is a visceral splatterpunk novel. If you like thought-provoking gore, action-packed horror, and savage endings, then you’ll love James Kaine’s bestial battle.

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Pre-order now!

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