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When their honeymoon is terrorized by a murderous predator with a machete, will their vows until death come due too soon?

Pine Barrens, New Jersey. Ava Allegretti lives every day as her last. With a heart condition making her brutally aware tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, the new bride is determined to enjoy what time she has with her beloved. But the dreamy trip home from their honeymoon in Atlantic City quickly turns into a nightmare when a vicious maniac on a motorcycle runs their car off the road.

After the stranded couple makes their way in shock to a nearby diner, Ava has a sudden vision of a mysterious girl who shares her face. And when the relentless rider shows up again and slaughters a restaurant full of people, she flees for her life fearing the terror has barely begun…

Can Ava and her groom outlast a monster on wheels?

Pursuit is a chilling horror novel. If you like fast-paced action, gory violence, and dark scary themes, then you’ll love James Kaine’s emotionally charged page-turner.

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When a protective young man finds a vicious solution to his troubles, will he save his family or unleash a deadly nightmare?

Brady Bennett can’t shake his guilt. Blaming himself for his dad’s fatal hunting accident seven years prior, the eighteen-year-old doesn’t trust his cruel stepdad and worries for his twin sister. But his suffering takes a strange twist after fleeing into the woods from a nasty school bully, only to see his attacker get ripped to pieces by a savage beast.

Fearing no one will believe his wild story or that they’ll blame him for the boy’s death, Brady sets out to capture the murderous creature and use it for his own ends. And when the monster transforms back into a man desperate to stop the carnage, the teen promises to free him in exchange for one final gory deed.

Will Brady’s plot to take out his enemies spill the blood of innocents?

My Pet Werewolf is a disturbing horror novel. If you like resourceful but flawed heroes, dark themes, and good intentions gone bad, then you’ll be gripped by James Kaine’s merciless tale.

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