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When a man sworn to save lives is transformed into a murderous monster, will he be able to stop himself from destroying everything he loves?


Dr. David Bixby is working the night shift in the emergency room when a man is brought in with a gunshot wound. Suffering not just the physical injury, the victim also displays symptoms of a mysterious blood poisoning. Unable to be saved, the man lashes out and bites David in a desperate, dying act.

At first, it seems as if the bite carries no ill effects, but, before long, David feels a change inside of him. As the days pass, he finds himself becoming stronger, more aggressive and giving in to his most primal instincts.


As the bewildered physician works to discover what is happening, a stranger confronts him, telling David that he will turn into a savage creature at the next full moon. Worse yet, the man presents him with an impossible choice – end his own life or turn into a bloodthirsty beast.

Will David lose control and spill innocent blood?

Gunther Signed Hardcover

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