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american horrors

the dead children's playground

The Dead Children's Playground - Book 3D.png
At the edge of the cemetery rests a place for children to play. but not all souls
that play are at rest.

Huntsville, Alabama. Sisters Kayla and Kylie are moving with their parents to a new home. An ordinary house across the street from an extraordinary locale.

The cemetery is the resting place for many children. Those lost in the 1918 Spanish Flu and the victims of the serial killer known as "The Caretaker" in 1963. Inside the graveyard's gates is an unusual structure. A playground.

It was intended as a spot for children to play while their parents paid respects to those they've lost. But locals tell of strange happenings at night. An unnatural cold hanging in the air, swings moving on their own and the sound of ghostly children laughing.

But what the sisters will come to learn, is that not all ghosts are friendly. Soon, a malevolent spirit from the past stalks them. Looking to play a game of its own.

Will Kayla and Kylie become the latest inhabitants of the Dead Children's Playground?

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